“Curating Style is an Art in Itself

“The Art Stylist” idea grew out of the realization that art and environment are no longer separate but rather need to be one unique vision. I propose to my clients to conceive of their home or office as an extension of their individual passions and to exhibit their individual cultural, emotional or aesthetic pursuits in life. My job is to guide them stylistically and help them acquire unique pieces of all art forms android spy, call recording, whatsapp spy, from my sources and to provide the most coherent collection that money can afford. Living with great design that incorporates contemporary art has great financial advantages if done right.

As a talented stylist and well-seasoned collector, I offer my extensive knowledge in contemporary art, mid-century furniture, modern artisans, French furniture and of course impeccable styling. Having worked for many years with multiple art galleries, auction houses and designers, I have the pulse on this great change of thinking. It’s now my passion to curate for others the art of living and collecting well which hopefully will transcend time and therefore remain objects of beauty forever.

Marla Helene